Times have changed.

Found these pictures and they kind of got me thinking how different dating is now with all the different technology and really just change of culture. Everything is completely different now. Not that I was dating in the 50’s and 60’s but if I time traveled I wouldn’t know where to start.

More like he won’t text you ever again. 

How embarrassing would it be to have your stockings fall down on your date? Garters are key.

If a man today offered me a handkerchief, I’d assume he was way too old for me.

Thank goodness I saw this. I always sit in awkward positions on hot dates.

Now if only I could find a man that knew how to dance…

I am pretty sure I am still single because I always forget to iron my stockings.

If this happens to you, I have a feeling he’s really just not that into you.

These days, just hope he picks up the tab.

Very true. Unless your date is boring. And pouty.  Just completely ignore him then.

He must have been a really boring date.


All these tips aside, on dates it’s best to just be yourself.


Final Post

One of my favorite assignments of this semester was creating a logo using Adobe Illustrator. I had a lot of trouble getting used to the program and figuring it out during the tutorials. Once I got the hang out it, I started to enjoy making things from scratch. I like the logo I made and it’s even been my desktop background since I made it. I worked hard on it for the first draft and so I didn’t have to change a lot on the second draft. I think I did a good job making a logo that represents me as a person.

I’m not sure what skills of these I will be using in the future just because the programs are expensive. But I really liked using Adobe Photoshop and I think I could figure out uses for it in the future to edit photos because that was a lot of fun working and editing my own photos.

I plan to go into advertising. I’m not sure what part of advertising. This class is a requirement for the communications program so it is important that I take it. I know that these programs are used in advertising and I know it is good to know them.

I slightly wish we would have explored Photoshop a bit more. I know there are tons of things that can be done with it and I think it is the most interesting. I think it would be interesting to know how to remove things from a photo or add things in. But my guess is that those things are very difficult and probably very time consuming so I am not very disappointed.

I didn’t find any certain website in particular that helped me. I usually would type in subjects of what I needed help with into Google or Youtube. I would always find a different place for help depending on what my question was.

I’m not sure if it was just me, but I was really surprised to find out that this was a pretty much online course. I think its difficult to watch a video on how to do something versus having an actual dialouge with a teacher. I understand technology is changing many things, but it’s difficult to learn this way when I’ve never been ‘taught’ to learn this way. I usually avoid online courses because I find them difficult especially when internet connections aren’t always dependable. I understand this is how the class is so that many people can take it, but it’s just not my preference.

Overall, it was a good class and I learned a lot of things.

Final Draft

For my second draft I kept to pretty much the same story line. I was going to use music but instead decided to narrate so my drawings would make more sense. I didn’t realize how unnecessary that was until I showed some of my friends and they said it needed some explanations. I like my second draft for the video a lot better than my first. It is more polished and I am actually really proud of how it came out. This time around I was much more comfortable with the Adobe Premier, I used a lot of different effects in my final video that i didn’t used before like the various zooming and panning effects that i added to the part i my video where is showed my drawing of various postcard and objects.

I started off with an introduction and a shot of outside the art building. It’s a place I have done many of my works of art, and I spend a lot of time there. I included a shot of my art room because a lot of people don’t really get to see the inside of the art classes unless they are enrolled in one. I gathered up all of the pictures of my art over the last couple months and started playing around. Personally, it was really exciting to put the pictures back to back with the originals to see how accurate they really were because that is not something I’ve gotten to see a lot. I put some title slides versus just using transitions to give them some organization. I think this video really shows a huge part of my time here at WSU and really helps illustrate my time here so far in an interesting way. I had a lot of fun making this video and I am excited to put it on my Facebook.

Final Video Project:


Final Video Blog Write-up:

COM210 Final Video Project Story Board


Video Story Draft

For my video, I decided to make one about the art I have created over the semester in my fine art drawing (Fine Arts 110) as well as drawings/paintings I’ve done outside of class. Drawing has always been a hobby of mine and that’s why I am minoring in it. I thought the video would be a good way to document the drawings of my first semester here. Usually they get scattered around or given away. This way I can have them documented online.

I started by taking films with my iphone of my drawings. I took some of the art building and my art classroom so what i was working with could be more dynamic. I used my phone application called dropbox, which I also have on my computer. It made the videos I took be instantly on my computer.

I arranged the several clips and shortened some and used the razor tool a lot. It took a while before I was happy with the order, well somewhat happy. I didn’t use many different kinds of transitions, I didn’t want it to be too complicated. I then created a title, to give it some kind of introduction. One of the clips was kind of shaky, the one of the girl with the dark hair looking up, so I cut it down and slowed the clip to 20%. It made it easier to look at.

I was going to narrate, but I have hated how all of my recordings have sounded because I don’t have a mic. The recorder on my computer picks up a lot of white noise, but I don’t think it needs much narrating. I guess I could add a clip of myself but I’m not sure how well that would relate.

It was really quiet without narration. I found a song on soundcloud that I thought went well with what I had.

<arel=”license” href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/”><img alt=”Creative Commons License” style=”border-width:0″ src=”http://i.creativecommons.org/l/by/3.0/80×15.png&#8221; /></a><br />This work is licensed under a <a rel=”license” href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/”>Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License</a>.

I am open to any and all suggestions, but remember this is a work in progress. 😀


**Note: For some reason, it turns out the sound didn’t upload… definitely will fix on the second try.


This assignment was extremely challenging. I definitely learned to not trust computers and always save everything in multiple places. I unfortunately had to re-edit everything and put it all back together because first draft became ‘corrupted’ on my computer. All the files turned into clicking noises. Starting over was extremely discouraging but since I had it on soundcloud, (which wouldn’t let me download it unless I wanted to get a membership for a year), I was able to listen to it and piece it together to be relatively the same. I tried to make it sound as smooth as possible and not have any bits be louder than the others. I wish I could have spent more time actually improving it, rather than rescuing it. I really wanted to find sound effects online, but they didn’t seem easy to find, and the ones I did find were nothing at all what I was looking for. Overall, I learned a lot in this experience, and not just about the program. I know I have improved a lot since when I first started using it but I personally don’t find it as easy to use as the other programs we have been using in class.  I think I am happy with the final product, even though there were a lot of places I could have taken it, but considering having to redo it, I think it turned out pretty good.



For this project, I had no idea what to do. Out of my lack of ideas, I remembered this old homework assignment randomly and decided to retell this terribly corny and ridiculous story. I like it because it is super corny and does not make any sense. I had fun writing it so I thought it would be fun to record it.

All the sounds in it are friends of mine. They thought it was really funny and we all had a lot of fun working on it.

First I recorded the beginning and the end, or intro and outro. Then I recorded the ‘kid voices’ then Bubbah Goozies voice. Then I recorded the long bit, of me telling the story. I chopped out the ‘uhms’ and ‘likes’. Then I added all the pieces together till I had my story.

I think there could be better sound effects. I just need to find a place to get them free and uncopyrighted.