There is so much red…

Correction, it’s crimson, not red.

Coming from a community college to Washington State University so far has been a huge culture shock. People are very friendly and welcoming. My guess is that everyone can empathize with being new to the university experience as well as the town.

Sunday I got the experience going to ‘the river’. I’ve heard about people going to the river for fun before. My roommates Amanda and Shelby informed me we needed things to float on. After checking about four different stores, we finally found some child blow up toys. One was a¬†crocodile, the other was a hippo (meant for ages 3-6), and the one I chose was a blow up kiddie pool.

The spot is Snake River about twenty minutes from Pullman. There were so many cars that we had to park a little further down the road and walk to the spot. After blowing up our floaties, we jumped in the river which was surprisingly not very cold. The reason this location is a ‘spot’ is because of the cliffs which are perfect for jumping in. The highest part, which is a straight drop off, goes up about forty feet or so.

I’ve been told that you can’t graduate till you jump off of the high part of the cliffs. Personally I am incredibly scared of heights, so this is a terrifying thought but I promised myself I will do it someday before I graduate, as a ‘conquer your fears’¬† type of thing. Until then I will stay very close to the ground.

We watched people jump off of the cliff for a good amount of time. Some girls did but it was mostly guys. Some were brave enough to do a back flip.

Overall, it was a good experience. I hope to go back before the weather gets crazy.