For this project, I had no idea what to do. Out of my lack of ideas, I remembered this old homework assignment randomly and decided to retell this terribly corny and ridiculous story. I like it because it is super corny and does not make any sense. I had fun writing it so I thought it would be fun to record it.

All the sounds in it are friends of mine. They thought it was really funny and we all had a lot of fun working on it.

First I recorded the beginning and the end, or intro and outro. Then I recorded the ‘kid voices’ then Bubbah Goozies voice. Then I recorded the long bit, of me telling the story. I chopped out the ‘uhms’ and ‘likes’. Then I added all the pieces together till I had my story.

I think there could be better sound effects. I just need to find a place to get them free and uncopyrighted.



5 thoughts on “

  1. This is a very interesting story and a good idea to use to relate to your high school experience. Something that needs to be worked on in your audio is the long pauses between different sections and the hiccups which you can hear from piecing together sections. Also this story doesn’t seem to really reflect anything truly related to yourself. While it is a project you worked on in high school, it doesn’t seem to reflect anything about your life now. I would recommend finding something that more relates to your personal life or something that is important to you now. If you decide to keep with this piece I would recommend making the audio flow better and make the sound effects blend better into the rest of the story.

  2. After listening to your draft audio story, I was not only able to get a little insight on your topic, but I was able to listen to the story without having to try. It was easy to listen to your audio story because there were no awkward pauses, umms, or uhhss. I also liked how you added the voice of Bubbah into your audio story. It gives the story a little something extra and makes it more exciting. As far as editing your draft audio story, I think you did a good job using the tools in Adobe Audition. Your audio story flows and does not have any awkward parts. As far as things that you could work on..maybe you could make the story a little shorter and include only the main events in the story. But overall, I think you did a good job using the skills you learned in the tutorials.

  3. I had a lot of fun recording it. It’s really not meant to be taken seriously but more be silly and funny.It was a silly story and topic to do, but I couldn’t think of anything else, and if I changed it, I still have no idea what I would do instead.
    Technically, I need to fix some bits, the pieces seem a little separated. There’s a lot of white noise in the background so I need to get some help on that and see how to keep the parts separated without it being so obvious. I kind of want to add some sound effects but I have been looking online and having trouble finding ones that are legitimately free.
    Overall, I think I did a good job in creating something unique compared to the other audio stories.

  4. I think your idea for the audio story was interesting and original I really like the idea of reading with sound effects. I have only a few suggestions one is that you have some pretty long breaks within your story and it interrupts the flow of your piece, also there is a small spot after the bear where you can hear the hint of a laugh that might be difficult to remove but it would also help your story flow. Although you have some awkward breaks within the audio piece I think you did a great job with editing out any um’s or mistakes without removing any time when someone would take a breath. Overall great job!

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