Video Story Draft

For my video, I decided to make one about the art I have created over the semester in my fine art drawing (Fine Arts 110) as well as drawings/paintings I’ve done outside of class. Drawing has always been a hobby of mine and that’s why I am minoring in it. I thought the video would be a good way to document the drawings of my first semester here. Usually they get scattered around or given away. This way I can have them documented online.

I started by taking films with my iphone of my drawings. I took some of the art building and my art classroom so what i was working with could be more dynamic. I used my phone application called dropbox, which I also have on my computer. It made the videos I took be instantly on my computer.

I arranged the several clips and shortened some and used the razor tool a lot. It took a while before I was happy with the order, well somewhat happy. I didn’t use many different kinds of transitions, I didn’t want it to be too complicated. I then created a title, to give it some kind of introduction. One of the clips was kind of shaky, the one of the girl with the dark hair looking up, so I cut it down and slowed the clip to 20%. It made it easier to look at.

I was going to narrate, but I have hated how all of my recordings have sounded because I don’t have a mic. The recorder on my computer picks up a lot of white noise, but I don’t think it needs much narrating. I guess I could add a clip of myself but I’m not sure how well that would relate.

It was really quiet without narration. I found a song on soundcloud that I thought went well with what I had.

<arel=”license” href=””><img alt=”Creative Commons License” style=”border-width:0″ src=”×15.png&#8221; /></a><br />This work is licensed under a <a rel=”license” href=””>Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License</a>.

I am open to any and all suggestions, but remember this is a work in progress. ūüėÄ


**Note: For some reason, it turns out the sound didn’t upload…¬†definitely¬†will fix on the second try.



This assignment was extremely challenging. I definitely learned to not trust computers and always save everything in multiple places. I¬†unfortunately¬†had to re-edit everything and put it all back together because first draft became ‘corrupted’ on my computer. All the files turned into clicking noises. Starting over was extremely discouraging but since I had it on soundcloud, (which wouldn’t let me download it unless I wanted to get a membership for a year), I was able to listen to it and piece it together to be relatively the same. I tried to make it sound as smooth as possible and not have any bits be louder than the others. I wish I could have spent more time actually improving it, rather than rescuing it. I really wanted to find sound effects online, but they didn’t seem easy to find, and the ones I did find were nothing at all what I was looking for. Overall, I learned a lot in this experience, and not just about the program. I know I have improved a lot since when I first started using it but I personally don’t find it as easy to use as the other programs we have been using in class. ¬†I think I am happy with the final product, even though there were a lot of places I could have taken it, but considering having to redo it, I think it turned out pretty good.