Final Draft

For my second draft I kept to pretty much the same story line. I was going to use music but instead decided to narrate so my drawings would make more sense. I didn’t realize how unnecessary that was until I showed some of my friends and they said it needed some explanations. I like my second draft for the video a lot better than my first. It is more polished and I am actually really proud of how it came out. This time around I was much more comfortable with the Adobe Premier, I used a lot of different effects in my final video that i didn’t used before like the various zooming and panning effects that i added to the part i my video where is showed my drawing of various postcard and objects.

I started off with an introduction and a shot of outside the art building. It’s a place I have done many of my works of art, and I spend a lot of time there. I included a shot of my art room because a lot of people don’t really get to see the inside of the art classes unless they are enrolled in one. I gathered up all of the pictures of my art over the last couple months and started playing around. Personally, it was really exciting to put the pictures back to back with the originals to see how accurate they really were because that is not something I’ve gotten to see a lot. I put some title slides versus just using transitions to give them some organization. I think this video really shows a huge part of my time here at WSU and really helps illustrate my time here so far in an interesting way. I had a lot of fun making this video and I am excited to put it on my Facebook.

Final Video Project:


Final Video Blog Write-up:

COM210 Final Video Project Story Board



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