Final Post

One of my favorite assignments of this semester was creating a logo using Adobe Illustrator. I had a lot of trouble getting used to the program and figuring it out during the tutorials. Once I got the hang out it, I started to enjoy making things from scratch. I like the logo I made and it’s even been my desktop background since I made it. I worked hard on it for the first draft and so I didn’t have to change a lot on the second draft. I think I did a good job making a logo that represents me as a person.

I’m not sure what skills of these I will be using in the future just because the programs are expensive. But I really liked using Adobe Photoshop and I think I could figure out uses for it in the future to edit photos because that was a lot of fun working and editing my own photos.

I plan to go into advertising. I’m not sure what part of advertising. This class is a requirement for the communications program so it is important that I take it. I know that these programs are used in advertising and I know it is good to know them.

I slightly wish we would have explored Photoshop a bit more. I know there are tons of things that can be done with it and I think it is the most interesting. I think it would be interesting to know how to remove things from a photo or add things in. But my guess is that those things are very difficult and probably very time consuming so I am not very disappointed.

I didn’t find any certain website in particular that helped me. I usually would type in subjects of what I needed help with into Google or Youtube. I would always find a different place for help depending on what my question was.

I’m not sure if it was just me, but I was really surprised to find out that this was a pretty much online course. I think its difficult to watch a video on how to do something versus having an actual dialouge with a teacher. I understand technology is changing many things, but it’s difficult to learn this way when I’ve never been ‘taught’ to learn this way. I usually avoid online courses because I find them difficult especially when internet connections aren’t always dependable. I understand this is how the class is so that many people can take it, but it’s just not my preference.

Overall, it was a good class and I learned a lot of things.


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